**Niccola’s hypnotherapy sessions are the most profound, healing and transformative form of treatment I’ve ever experienced. She guides you to a place in yourself, where you feel deeply relaxed and helps you connect to the superconscious mind, where unlimited healing takes place and miracles occur. Miracles did occur for me and an issue that had been affecting me for years cleared in an instant. Niccola is so positive, uplifting and you feel completely at ease with her and she holds a space that is so compassionate and non-judgemental. She really can help you with any issue no matter how impossible it feels. RH

**The morning after the 3rd session I felt energized and actually faced my clutter and started sorting things out ,both in my bedroom and in the kitchen. Later that day I walked further than I had for a long time, and even tackled my gardening, which I had been putting off for weeks and had been feeling guilty and blocked about doing. I found the session lovely and soothing. I admit I was skeptical... but I was utterly amazed at how the hypnotherapy combines things... joining up everything... physical and spiritual... I had some realisations about certain relationships that were bothering me. It felt as though my mind was getting into gear and I felt physically more able. I have tried countless modalities but this is the one that connects everything. RP

**I just had the most marvellous session from Niccola Willis! She worked on improving my memory, ...she got me into a deep level trance ...I feel like my brain has been efficiently upgraded! Thank you Niccola! M I

**The other evening I received a wonderful Hypnotherapy treatment from Niccola Willis. I find Niccola's approach to the healing work she shares very important. She connected so well with me during the session because of her deep listening ability and I felt heard. The questions she asked me fed into the session very significantly. Her voice led me to feel very comfortable and helped to take me to that deeper place within. The years of work she has done on herself and the different practices she has learnt fed into the treatment. I would highly recommend Niccola Willis, I have no doubt that this work she is doing now can only get better and better. AM

**Since the session I’ve not had a packet of crisps for 12 days. I’m definitely thinking twice before eating something other than fruit in between meals. I’ll admit to a few biscuits over the fortnight, but it only is a few. If I’m nibbling in the evening. It’s either a couple of oatcakes or rice cakes. Brilliant outcome I’d say! Thank you. CB

**The session was amazing for me and i reached a level of peace that was amazing. I was very aware of what was happening around me and i at the same time i was in a very very special inner state. YM

**Healing Session with Niccola:

I have had one healing session with Niccola which included EFT (Tapping) and Hypnotherapy. During the session i went on an incredibly visual and healing journey. I was so moved by the healing process it brought me to tears. I realise that it's not just me that needs healing but the generations before me too. I felt a huge relief after this session and would recommend having a session with Niccola, she is very gentle and understanding in her approach. KC

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