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We are going in and out of different brain waves most of the day. As young children our brains are not fully developed and we are like sponges. We absorb everything that goes on around us subconsciously, to learn and to fit in with our families and communities. So we become programmed and conditioned, often in limiting ways as we take on beliefs and behaviors that we often imitate, from our parents, grandparents, siblings, school and even from the TV.

Subconscious programs control around 90% of everything that we do. The subconscious is actually trying to protect us and keep us safe however these positive intentions are put in place when we are very small as survival mechanisms which become outdated and very limiting in adulthood. These programs run in the background of our minds, affecting how we feel, what we do and often keep us stuck in our comfort zones so we don't change or do the things we would really like to do.

These subconscious programs can be changed with Hypnotherapy, when we allow ourselves to deeply relax and bypass the conscious mind in the trance state, thereby accessing deeper brainwaves and enabling new healthy habits and behaviors to be 'rewired '.

I can also be your guide to enable you to do self-hypnosis to do change work yourself.


Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping is a path of self inquiry. Either with me guiding you or teaching you to do for yourself, you will gain incredible insights into where your problems started. Practiced regularly you are able to release lots of negative energy and beliefs that have been holding you back.

Happiness Coaching

“Children smile 400 times a day on average ... adults 15 times. Children laugh 150 times a day ... adults 6 times per day. Children play between 4-6 hours a day ... adults only 20 minutes a day. What's happened?” - Robert Holden

Re-find your inner happiness. With fun exercises and other techniques allow me to help you reconnect to joy.

Happiness can be your default setting.

“The key to happiness is not to make yourself into a different person; it is to let yourself be even more of who you really are.”- Robert Holden

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