About me...

With over 40 years of experience helping others have a healthier life I can support you with various tools to overcome limiting beliefs and unhelpful habits.

Guiding you in your own healing journey... Hypnotherapy, Energy Psychology (EFT Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting) and Happiness Coaching.

We all need connection and support in a myriad of ways. In this busy world our lives often seem to be simply trying to survive rather than thrive... so let me help you lighten your load... by transforming old restrictive ways to new ways of fulfillment, satisfaction, confidence, well-being and happiness.

Hypnosis and EFT Tapping for me has been a path of self inquiry... Deeper and deeper into the jungle of my mind... Searching for the hidden treasure that was buried long ago perhaps in an ancient civilisation... Perhaps a past life ...perhaps in the womb but in the unknown part of me.. my subconscious ...so to explore making new tracks and discovering the wonderful, rich abundant flowers and fauna as if for the first time… then reprogramming my mind to realise the treasure is the forest ..it is the flowers... it is the journey not the destination… and that everything is beautiful … and when I allow the beauty to unfold right here inside my mind… the treasure has always been there… the inner connection to love to light to everything and everyone.

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As far as I can remember.. I now realise.. that I have believed ...and proved ...that there is something wrong with me ...so course I have tried to fix myself searching and searching for answers!

But maybe I was looking in all the wrong places…

It is not about answers outside of myself it's about asking the right questions because the conscious mind is like a computer search engine ...only responding to the questions you type in in so if I ask what's wrong with me ...all the answers will let me know!

If I ask what is right with me ...what else is possible? ...why is my life working out so well?...why am I so happy? ...then that is where my focus will be and like any research what you focus on becomes clearer and with a microscope even seems to grow!

So to start noticing the inner questions and instead of asking…

* Why is my life not working out? ...but instead ask *What what else is possible in my life right now?

* Why does everyone else seem more happy than me more/ successful than me? ... But instead ask * What can I choose right now to feel happier/successful?

* Why am I still at this level of abundance /lack ... But instead ask * What can I do right now to raise my vibration?

* Why am I still on my own - But instead ask * What can I do right now to feel good about myself /to love myself?

* * * * *

Yes ...from wondering why I am stuck to shifting my mind and to taking each small step ...in this moment right now ...to change my focus. With Hypnosis, EFT and Happiness Coaching let me guide you to learn wonderful self-help tools and exercises to help you feel OVER the MOON !

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